©2018 by Joshua Lee

About Me

Joshua Lee is a Chicago-based performer and choreographer

I was born and raised in rural Arkansas with little exposure to theatre growing up. Besides performing magic shows for family and a brief moment in middle school being cast as Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady until my teacher suddenly left the school (Crazy story. Ask me about it sometime), my first theatrical experience came around in college. I was a young naive computer science major and my new friend convinced me to audition for the theatre department's new play. (He didn't want to go alone. He didn't get a call back and told me I didn't either, but I did! Ask me about that one too!) Barely a semester later and I knew that 12 hours a day in front of a computer wasn't for me. I walked into the theatre department, found a professor, and asked them to change my major and schedule. I've been on this crazy path ever since!

I moved to Chicago the fall of 2011 hot off dancing in an outdoor drama called Horn in the West. That show exposed me to the art of Stage Combat which would become a major part of my life and theatrical career. I now have over 8 years of combined experience in weapons training, stage fighting, choreography and teaching. This also lead me to Intimacy Design. I received training from Intimacy Director's International a few years ago. I then served as an assistant Intimacy Choreographer before doing my own work on some recent productions. Stage Combat and Intimacy Design are both fundamental and important theatrical work that i'm very passionate about.